Global citizens and leaders are increasingly demanding that we protect our planet. Consequently, the electric-energy sector is undergoing a major transformation as societies around the world transition away from fossils fuels in order to reduce carbon emissions. To meet consumer demand and ambitious climate goals, U.S. utilities and energy companies are rapidly constructing additional solar plants, wind farms, hydropower dams and geothermal energy sources. These developments will require laying many thousands of miles of transmission lines to connect new renewable-energy sources to the electric grid and ultimately to customers who are demanding clean power.


Building such transmission projects involves multi-year, multi-faceted processes—including community outreach, planning, design, permitting and construction—and costly delays are common. Prezerv’s proprietary AI-powered platform has been specifically developed to support the efficient and economical integration of renewable energy infrastructure.

Our virtual real-world representations enable utilities and power companies to accelerate planning and design phases by quickly exploring and simulating optimal transmission routes. Once a proposed design is in hand, with just a few clicks utility and energy companies can leverage the Prezerv platform to clearly communicate proposed routes to local agencies and communities. Stakeholders can then zero in on the relevant data and stream whatever details they need, right from their internet browser. After the project has been approved for construction, contractors can use the Prezerv platform to efficiently and safely turn the plans into reality.


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